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Pharmacogenomics Centre/Biobank

The Pharmacogenomics Centre is dedicated to the advancement of personalized medicine through the application of pharmacogenomics. It has successfully established itself as a provider of specialized pharmacogenomics services of high quality and to high standards of practice. It has created a platform of technologically advanced tools that are contributing to the progression of pharmacogenomics into clinical practice via the development of clinical trial research, academic research and genetic diagnostic.

Clinical trial development

The Pharmacogenomics Centre has been collaboratively involved with several pharmaceutical partners at critical stages of the clinical trial development process. By providing the expertise and services to the pharmaceutical industry, the Centre is promoting the development of drugs that will be able to better treat patients by increasing efficacy and reducing adverse events and consequently reducing health care costs.


The Pharmacogenomics Centre renders the research tools of pharmacogenomics more accessible to the clinical scientists of its local community at the Montreal Heart Institute and the University of Montreal as well as to international collaborators. The Centre fosters an innovative work environment where different specialties interact including genomics, statistics, bioinformatics, pharmacology, medicine, knowledge translation and economics. In partnership with the biotechnology industry, the Centre has contributed to the development and validation of clinically relevant research tools with focused genotyping panels.

Genetic diagnostics

As pharmacogenomics establishes itself into clinical practice, the need for regulation and quality-controlled laboratory test-results are ever more essential. The Centre has established of a GLP-compliant clinical diagnostic service facility serving the Montreal Heart Institute Cardiovascular genetics clinic.

With the integration of research, drug development and diagnostics, the Pharmacogenomics Centre has positioned itself remarkably well to lead the science of tomorrow’s personalized medicine.

For more information about the Centre’s services, please contact:
Marie-Pierre Dubé, Ph.D
Scientific Director
514-670-7670 ext. 7701 or

The Montreal Heart Institute is currently recruiting 30,000 people to help advance the knowledge in the field of cardiovascular diseases.
All patient samples and data gathered for this project will form a “biobank“ that researchers at the Montreal Heart Institute and their collaborators will use to better understand, among other things, the genetic basis of cardiovascular diseases.

Who can participate?
Anyone who has used the services of the MHI is eligible to participate in the project, whether they have suffered from cardiovascular problems or not.

What does participating in this project involve?
You will meet with a research nurse who will explain to you the nature of your participation, which involves: reading and signing a consent form, a blood draw (non-fasting) and answering questions regarding your medical and family history, among others.
Your medical state will be updated during your whole life using the Montreal Heart Institute and governmental databases.

Why create this biobank ?
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in developed countries. We currently know the risks involved in these diseases. Some of them are related to our lifestyle: excess cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, smoking, dietary habits, obesity and insufficient physical activity.
There are also other risk factors that are out of our control such as age, sex and our genetic makeup (or heredity). Although it is well established that a link between genetic determinants and cardiovascular disease exists, there are many aspects still not known about the complexity of this phenomenon.
With this Biobank, the Montreal Heart Institute aims at advancing knowledge in cardiovascular disease and helping develop persona-lized medicine.

Your participation is essential to achieve this !

We will be happy to explain the details of this project if you call this number:

514-376-3330, ext 2428