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Clinical Trial management and Site Management

The MHICC Project Management team is a highly dedicated team of professionals committed to deliver clinical trials within a predetermined budget and within agreed upon timelines. The Project Manager along with a team of Documentation Specialists, Medical Monitors, Clinical Research Associates and other support staff, drive performance to meet expectations.

The project management team strives to meet your objectives, keeping you informed on the progress of your trial, providing you with complete and accurate study updates, as well as reports generated from the MHICC Clinical Trial Management System, when you want them, the way you need them.
Our dynamic team of project managers is equipped with exceptional leadership skills and extensive experience in the world of clinical research. They are ready to work with you collaboratively in order to design and execute your clinical trial, regardless of its magnitude and complexity, therapeutic area, pill or infusion, local or international trial, respecting ICH/GCP guidelines, all the while providing you with risk assessment and strategic evaluation throughout the lifecycle of the study.

Our customer centric attitude allows us to focus our attention on our client’s needs and customize our services:
• Feasibility questionnaire – to optimize Site selection
• Project- specific training – PI, study coordinators, technicians and pharmacists
• Regulatory documentation collection and review
• Recruitment Plan – to optimize subject recruitment
• Monitoring Plan – to ensure adequate source data verification and ensure protocol compliance
• Medical Review Plan – to ensure clinical consistency of all data
• Communication Plan – to provide contact information and define expectations
• Clinical Events Committee – to provide adjudication of clinical events and study endpoints
• Data Safety Monitoring Board – to ensure ongoing safety review of your clinical trial

As the MHICC project management team strives for excellence, you can rest assured that your clinical trial will be conducted as per protocol, with a sound timetable in line with your needs and expectations.