MHICC History

The MHICC came into being when a handful of professionals from varied disciplines joined forces on a cardiology clinical research project funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research. The MHICC’s first mandates were to coordinate all aspects of clinical research for some of the Montreal Heart Institute’s most promising research projects, by bringing together all of the study’s resources. The resulting infrastructure and expertise became the backbone of our present-day organization which allows us to offer an extended range of clinical research services to other academic researchers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

The MHICC is equipped to respond to the needs and requirements of projects of all sizes, from lending logistical and statistical support to smaller academic studies, to performing full-fledged point to point studies for multinational pharmaceuticals. This constant growth has allowed it to branch out of its original cardiology therapeutic area and into the fields such as oncology, neurology, gastroenterology and endocrinology.

Solid cooperative partnerships with European, American and Asian partners have opened up new business opportunities for the MHICC at an international level.