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Mission, vision and values


The MHICC strives to conduct clinical trials efficiently and effectively through innovation in order to fulfill our customer needs.


The MHICC seeks to become an internationally recognized organization, singled out for its wide range of high quality services, its stellar level of customer satisfaction, flawless professionalism as well as the respect, well-being and recognition of its team members.


• A constant focus on the customers’ needs
• Fulfill customer expectations and achieve their complete satisfaction
• Honesty and integrity at the scientific, professional and personal levels
• Constantly meeting the industry’s highest quality standards, including our world-class Standard Operating Procedures
• Maintain a high level of corporate performance
• Maintain our levels of expertise and knowledge at the cutting edge
• Foster solid team spirit through cultural diversity and sharing our successes
• Foster mutual respect, collaboration and information sharing among all team members
• Foster a culture rewarding effort and productivity
• Maintain conditions that encourage one’s actualization, pro-activity and leadership development
• Foster an environment where leadership, proactivity, responsibilty and accountabilty are behaviors that create a workplace every team member wants to be a part of